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Why have a home visit?

If you have difficulty with getting out and about such as problems with walking, you are a carer for a spouse or relative who you can't leave at home alone or anxiety about leaving home, we can bring our physiotherapy expertise to your home.  A home visit may also benefit you if your problem is specifically related to a difficulty you are having within your home environment.  You may be struggling to get up your stairs or walk around your home and garden in which case we can really tailor our treatment program to address that specific need and practice with you.

Home visiting

What can be done at a home visit?

We can provide a full in-depth assessment of your problem, bringing all our normal physiotherapy expertise to you from the comfort of your own home.  We will discuss your specific needs and goals and from this provide you with your own personal recovery plan with a personalised exercise program.  At Omnia we believe in the benefits of 'hands on' physiotherapy and if we feel that this will help you to reach your goals we will bring portable equipment to allow us to to use manual therapy as part of your treatment. We will bring with us all the equipment required to bring the high standard of physiotherapy that you would expect from attending our clinic.  If you are having difficulty with a specific activity of daily living such as getting in and out of your front door, we can spend time practising this with you so that you can feel confident about doing it.

Can a visit be done at my place of work or other location?

Yes, we can come and visit you at any location that is convenient to you!  All we ask is that we have enough space and privacy to allow us to do a physical examination and for you to be at ease answering all our questions we will ask as part of the assessment process.

How do I book a home visit?

Please contact us via telephone, email or simply click the button so that we can discuss your needs

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