Knee pain is a very common complaint; it affects people of all ages and lifestyles.  At Omnia we understand the serious impact this can have on your daily life and take treating it equally seriously.

What causes knee pain?

Many people suffer knee pain that is not getting better on its own. The pain may be as a result of a sports injury alongside muscle weakness or muscle tightness in your hip, knee or ankle which is causing the problem to persist.  It could be due to the changes that have happened to the knee joint as a normal part of the ageing process. They can be frustrated because it is stopping them form doing the things they want to do, from getting on and off the floor to play with the grandchildren to running a marathon.   They may have been prescribed painkillers and advised to rest or tried heat or stretching and strengthening exercises with limited effect on their pain or quality of life.  They may have been told that they have arthritis and believe they just have to live with it or a joint replacement is the only way forward.

How can physiotherapy help my knee pain?

The good news is that here at Omnia we are very experienced at treating the different causes of knee pain and want to help you to get back to the activities you enjoy.  We have a range of approaches from 'hands on'  techniques and acupuncture, to specialised exercise programs including Pilates we can use to help to reduce your pain and improve your function.    You may have tried exercises already or other had treatments which have not quite hit the mark leaving you feel disappointed.  Book an appointment with one of our experienced physiotherapists now.  We will thoroughly assess your knee and as we recognise the importance of looking beyond just your knee for the source of the problem, we will look at how your whole leg is functioning. If we can't help, we will write to your doctor to explain what we have found, and what we think WILL help.  

What can I do to treat my own knee pain?

Here are some tips to help you on your road to recovery


  1. Do your exercises! You may have been given the right exercises by a health professional, but  they're doomed to fail if you don't knuckle down and get on with them! Remember it may take more than 12 weeks to get a weak muscle stronger! If you're worried you're not doing the right exercises (or you're doing the right exercises wrong!), book in for a review with us.

  2. Wear supportive footwear.  The position of your foot can have a big impact on the movement of your leg which can in turn create extra stress on your knee.  It is helpful to wear a shoe which fully encloses your foot and gives support to your arches.  Avoid shoes which are completely flat such as ballet style shoes and flip flops as these can place extra strain on tight leg muscles.

  3. Don't sit or stand in awkward positions.  Spending too long in one position can overload joints and soft tissues causing pain especially if they are weak or tight; try to spread the weight evenly across both legs and move about regularly to give yourself a break. The right strengthening exercises to help to support your knee, combined with some hands on treatment will get you moving again.


If the pain is getting in the way of you being active, make an appointment with us so that we can ways to reduce your pain and get you back to doing what you enjoy.  Physiotherapy is recognised as an effective treatment for knee pain and is recommended by the National Institute for Healthcare Excellence (NICE) in their guidelines for the treatment of osteoarthritis of the knee.

For more information, read our blog on the best way to manage your knee pain download our free guideHow to get control of your knee pain and improve your function

If you want to take control of your knee pain, and reduce your reliance on pain killers, injections or surgery, book an appointment with one of our expert physiotherapists now! Click here to see instantly what appointments are available to book, and get your recovery started!

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