Are you sitting comfortably? Then I will begin…

Updated: Apr 13, 2019

by Laura Oxley

Well, just like Mums in thousands of houses all over the country today, I have been scrabbling around trying to put together fancy dress outfits for my children to go to school in. It is, of course, World Book Day – and it is wonderful to celebrate the joy that reading brings!

I, for one, am a massive bookworm and have been all my life… this means, however, that I do end up spending a lot of time reading – sitting up in bed, on the sofa, on trains or planes, even sun loungers (if I’m lucky!).

There’s nothing wrong with any of these positions and I try to make sure that I don’t demonise any particular postures – as I say to my patients, I am in and out of all sorts of odd postures in the course of my work! The key is that I move around a lot and I don’t stay in the same position for too long. We are designed to move, after all.

I often encounter patients who get uncomfortable when they sit reading, doing a crossword, or use the laptop for too long. If you find you are getting pain too - due to back, neck, shoulder or even knee pain - the very best advice is to move more often! Most of the time, a simple change of position is all we need to reduce the pressure on the joints, soft tissues or nerves, and therefore relieve the pain.

Why don’t you visit our website and download one of our informative guides to neck, shoulder, back or knee pain, and find out what else you can do to help yourself feel better? If you need more help, book yourself in for an expert physiotherapy assessment, and let us help you get back to doing more of the things that you enjoy.

Now….what page was I on…?


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