Got a Corona or tension headache? Watch this vlog to learn 4 top tips to help yourself!

It seems that lots of people are struggling with persistent tension-type headaches due to stress about the Corona virus at the moment...the Corona Headache!

Financial worries, lack of sleep, being our of our usual routines and home-schooling our kids all adds to the stress we are currently under, while work for home and checking out social media more on screens and tablets is causing us to spend too long in poor postures.

All these factors can contribute to tension-type headaches.

Here are a few things you can do to help yourself relieve the symptoms:

  1. stretch out the muscles in the upper neck/shoulders

  2. use heat to relax your muscles

  3. know how to use soft tissue release on yourself

  4. get enough relaxation and sleep

I go through all these points in my vlog, teaching you which are the best stretches to do, and how to use soft tissue release to relive the tension in your neck.

I hope you find this information helpful...look out for more from us!


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