How to improve your running form and performance?

Many exercises designed to strengthen our glutes are done lying down - for example the clam or the bridge. Whilst they certainly work for many problems, are they the best exercises to give to our running clients? Could we do better?

The answer is YES of course! Working out whilst standing up is much more relevant to runners and will make much more sense to the body - so you will make superior progress taking this approach to your glutes rehab.

The following video shows a trio of 3 movement directions requiring strength and control from our most important glutes muscles for running: glute max which propels us forward by extending the hip and maintaining the position of the trunk on the legs, and glute med which keeps the pelvis stable as we transfer weight from one foot to the other.

Incorporate these into your regular strength and conditioning regime straight away and notice the benefit that enhanced control and balance around your pelvis makes to your running!


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