If your mechanic says your car is broken trust them...if your physio says YOU ARE NOT, trust them!

by Laura Oxley

Anyone who knows me, knows how much I love my little green bus, but they also know how much trouble she has caused me over the years (this is a photo of her broken down, yet again, this time in a layby in Devon!). When I take her to the mechanic, I am filled with dread worrying about the bad news I am going to get... will this mean we have to cancel our camping weekend, or our summer holiday? Will we never camp in her again? It's easy to fear the worst!

The truth is, she was built to last over 4 decades ago, and we may have bumps in the road but we always get back on the road!

The idea for the title for this blog in a tweet by fellow physio, Felicity Throw. And it really resonated with me. How many people are put off coming to a physio because they fear what we are going to tell them? Stop running, stop playing rugby...stop having fun?

Much like my VW, we humans are incredibly resilient. The greatest satisfaction for me in my job is finding a way to keep my patients doing the things that bring them fulfilment in life. Sometimes we need to modify things for a short while before they can resume them as usual, sometimes they may need the right help and advice to manage their symptoms in the long term. But we always strive to help them find a way back to their meaningful and enjoyable activities.

Please don't be put off seeing a physio because you are worried we are going to tell you that you're too old, or too broken, to do the things you love anymore. This is so rarely the case!

We listen to your story so that we can understand exactly where you are right now and pinpoint the things that are getting in your way... and then together we'll draw up a plan, work out how to overcome the obstacles, and get you back to where you want to be. We won't offer you a quick but temporary fix, as our goal is to uncover the underlying issues that are driving your problem. If we can help you sort these out, not only will you get better - you'll know how to stay better too.

If you want to come to a physio with a positive approach, who will emphasis the things you can do, not the things you can't, please don't delay. Call us, pop into our central Rugby clinic for a chat, or book an appointment online, and let us help you get back on the road to recovery!



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