"THE PHYSIO WILL ZOOM YOU NOW..." How do virtual consultations work?

Updated: Apr 21

Online physiotherapy isn't a new concept!

It has been used very successfully for a number of years, primarily helping people who can't get time off work, who's injury prevents them from travelling or who are working in remote locations and simply can't access the care they need. Online physio is suitable to help people with all sorts of injuries, from back and neck pain, pulled muscles and joint sprains, to arthritis and trapped nerves. If we can assess it face to face, we can assess it virtually.

How can you assess me online if you can't watch me or touch me to find out where the pain is coming from?

Well, we start by taking a full history, including asking you all about your condition and the way the pain behaves. This gives us an insight into the type of problem you have, the likely structure at fault, and the factors that are contributing to your symptoms. We want to get to know you, and what your individual recovery goals are, so we can tailor our treatment accordingly. We will also ask you to perform certain movements in front of the camera so that we can see how you move and how you might be compensating for your pain, just as we would in clinic. These may include the movements you find painful, for example putting your coat on because this causes your shoulder pain, or getting up from a chair as this brings on your back and buttock pain. We can observe where there is may be weakness or overactivity in your muscles, or lack of movement in your joints. Likewise, we may demonstrate exercises to you for you to copy, so that we can see how altering how you move influences your pain.

Using this information we will give you an accurate diagnosis, and put together a recovery plan for you. This will include an explanation of your problem and how we intend to help you achieve your goals, advice on self-help, and a clear exercise programme targeted to your needs. We compile your programme using specialist rehab software which also include video demonstrations of each exercise so you can be sure you are getting them right and a diary to you can log your progress.

Your recovery plan and exercise programme are emailed to you after your session so you can refer to them when ever you needs, using any device.

How can you fix my injury without touching me?

The key to online physio, and indeed any physio, is to give you the strategies to help your body recover naturally. We do this by providing you with the specific education, advice and exercises you need to optimise your healing, resolve with any factors that were preventing your recovery, and make sure it doesn't come back. The importance of these elements far outweigh the modest effects of hands-on therapy and should feature in any management plan, whether virtual or face to face.

How will you be able to tell if I'm getting better?

When we see you for follow up appointments, we will ask you to demonstrate key movements and your exercises, so we can measure your improvement and see where progressions can be made. You may have many questions for us regarding your condition and, of course, we are able to spend time discussing these so you really feel you understand what is happening and how you can regain control.

We have already starting successfully providing online consultations. Here is what one of our patients had to say about her experience with Omnia:

"I had a very valuable video session with Laura. We were able to run through progress on my exercises, and adjust the programme based on the feedback I gave her. Most importantly, Laura did an expert job of shoring up my confidence that I can continue my rehab programme independently"

How can I access your help online?

We offer virtual physiotherapy assessments and follow up consultations via video link. If you would like to schedule an online consultation, simply email us at info@omniaphysio.com or use our online booking system to reserve your time slot. We use the platforms Zoom and Skype, which you will need to download prior to the start of your session. You will need to provide your contact details so that we can send you the invite to join your session at the appointed time. We are also able to conduct consultations via FaceTime, Google Hangouts or using our rehabilitation software if required, and will call you to make contact. Please be prepared to move your device so that we are able to see you move clearly; it may be helpful to consider this before the start of the session.

How do I pay?

We will take payment via card at the end of the session, as we would do in a face to face meeting. Please have your payment details to hand at the start of the consultation.

At Omnia Physio, we are committed to helping you live a positive and healthy life, without pain or injury. We look forward to helping you reach your goals!


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