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"Look after your body, it's the only place you have to live in"

Jim Rohn

Our goal is to help you live a positive and healthy life, without pain or injury

We collectively have over 50 years of clinical experience helping people just like you,  not only to recover from your injury, but move move forward positively and without fear of future recurrence.  This means we don't look for simple quick fixes or scratch the surface of your problem.  We will take our time to identify all the factors that have contributed to the pain developing so you can be sure you will be better for the long term when you invest in your health with us.

We will support you through every aspect of your recovery plan, explaining what we think is at the root of your pain, and  how we plan to help you recover.  You'll receive any exercises by email with access to video demonstration so you can be sure you are getting them right. You'll also have direct access to your physio by phone or email for ongoing support.

We also offer a range of services to complement your rehabilitation and help you maintain your wellbeing, including one to one or group Pilates classes, or sports massage.  As we provide these services ourselves, you can be assured of seamless transition between your clinicians and therefore the best possible outcomes.

A business built on recommendation

The vast majority of our patients come to us through personal recommendations from our past patients or other health professionals.  We don't rely on 3rd party referrals to support our business as many clinics do.  When you come to Omnia for your rehabilitation, you will be joining other like minded people who value their health and wellbeing, and who value the services we provide.  The testimonials our satisfied clients provide speak for themselves.


Being chosen for the quality of our services is our biggest accolade and we are proud of this achievement.