Why choose a video consultation with Omnia Physio?

There are many reasons why you may choose to have your physiotherapy delivered using video consultation.  You may simply find it difficult to get into the clinic to see one of our physiotherapists face to face, or that you would like a second opinion about your condition and the best management for it.

How can online physiotherapy help?

We are pleased to be able to offer online physiotherapy consultations so that you can still access to high quality physiotherapy when you need it. In fact, research has shown us that online physiotherapy can be just as effective! Using video allow us to carry out most of the things we would do if we saw you for physiotherapy face to face, including having a detailed discussion about your pain or injury, and providing you with your personalised recovery plan and self-help advice.  We will send you a tailor made exercise program put together to help you achieve your individual goals using specialist rehab software. Video assessment means that we can demonstrate movements and exercises to you, and observe your movements as you perform both day to day activities and your exercises so we can correct your form and suggest any necessary progressions.

Depending on your circumstances and your access to suitable equipment, we are able to offer video consultations via Skype, Google Hangouts, or FaceTime. We are also able to set up a virtual meeting room via our rehabilitation software which does not require you to download any new software, so we have many methods for connecting with you.  If you have any concerns about how to access a video consultation, please contact us before booking so that we can work out the best approach for you.

Please read out blog on video consultations which gives more detail about this service.

How do I access online physiotherapy?

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